Center For Excellence - SMC Pneumatics


Incorporated in 1995, SMC India is a 100% subsidiary of SMC Corporation Japan, the World Leader in Pneumatics. SMC India has three state-of-art manufacturing facilities in India. SMC offers 12,000 basic products with 7, 00,000 Variations to accommodate diverse applications of various industries Like Automotive, Machine Tool , Food Processing , Pharmaceutical , Printing & Packaging , Mining etc , SMC India is specialized with pneumatic control engineering to support Industrial Automation , SMC India develops a broad range of control systems and equipment , such as Direction Control Valves, Actuators , and Air-Line Equipments.


       " To be a leading centre for Excellence in Industrial Automation to give solutions for Industrial world. "


       "To make active centre for excellence to explore avenues for need based learning and implementation in Industrial automation. "

Programme Educational Objectives:
1. To develop skill of Industrial automation through International Level Training
2. To provide consultancy for Industrial Automation
3. To provide platform for Projects & Research
Main Focus

       Skill Development, Industrial Solutions for Automation, Innovation platform for UG /PG Students, Workshops on Industrial Automation

Infrastructure and Facilities
State-of-the-art infrastructure for effective learning using software
SMC Training Kits for Basic Pneumatics, Electro- Pneumatics and PLC Pneumatics
Magnetic Symbols and cut section for parts description
Automation Simulators (AutoSIM-200 and Automation Studio)
Manipulators with Siemens PLC(MAP-205)
For Whom
Engineering Professionals and Researchers from Industry & Academia
Engineering students from all disciplines
Module 1 - Basic Pneumatics
Properties of compressed air and its application area
Basic pneumatic system and compressed air theory
Explanation of different air filtering, regulators and lubrications
Construction and principle of operations of Actuators and Directional Control Valve
Familiarization with pneumatic symbols ISO 1219/5599
Module 2 - Electron Pneumatics
Basic Electric theory
Construction & principal of operation of Electro- Pneumatic
Component Electrical Symbols DIN and ladder diagram.
Reading/designing & control schematics/Safety Requirements
Module 3 - PLC Pneumatics
Basic design and control of a basic programmable logic controller
Input and output properties
Hardware and software familiarization
Programming languages; statement list, ladder and function block
Basic command sets Creating, loading and testing industry related sequence programs
Creating time delay and counter functions
Program editing and Fault analysis

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