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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering




 The Department is  equipped with state-of-the art laboratories and infrastructural facilities in all the core areas. Students gain a wide disclosure and practical hands on exercise in the modern and sophisticated equipments during their lab sessions.


Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab/ Electric Circuits Lab:

Has got equipments, devices and ICs for the study of electronics and related topics. Facilitates the study of design of electronic circuits and verification of basic laws and theorems. The lab is equipped with Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Regulated Power Supply, Digital LCR Meter, Energy meter and Digital Multimeter.


  Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits Lab/ Power Electronics Laboratory:
Has got equipments and ICs for the study of Linear ICs and   Digital ICs and also to study all power electronics apparatus and A.C. and D.C. drives.  The lab is equipped with Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Digital IC  Tester, Digital IC Trainer Kit,1Φ Half & Fully Controlled Converter,IGBT Based 1Φ  & 3Φ PWM Inverter ,SCR based 1Φ Cyclo-Converter, IGBT Chopper Single Quadrant & Four Quadrant , BUCK-BOOST Converter Kit, SCR based  3Φ AC Voltage Regulator, Series and Parallel Inverter, Switched Mode Power Converter and 60 MHz Digital storage oscilloscopes.
Electrical Machines Laboratory I:
Facilitates the study of all DC electrical machines including special machines. The  lab is equipped with DC Shunt Motor# DC Shunt Generator, DC Shunt Motor# DC Series Generator, DC Shunt Motor# DC  compound Generator, DC Shunt, series & compound Motor, DC Shunt Motor# Alternator, DC Shunt Motor #Synchronous Motor, BLDC Motor, Lab Rectifier 100A Capacity
Electrical Machines Laboratory II:
Facilitates the study of all AC electrical machines. The lab is equipped with 3Φ  Double Speed induction motor,  Three phase  Squirrel Cage & Slip ring  induction motor, 3Φ  Synchronous Motor, DC Shunt Motor# Alternator, DC Shunt Motor  #Synchronous  Motor, Single  & three phase induction motor, Lab Rectifier 100A Capacity.
Power System Simulation Laboratory:
Provides Computer based study of power system, control systems and power electronics using latest simulation packages like PSCAD/EMTDC, ETAP, MATLAB, etc. Intranet provision for all conference papers, model aptitude tests, technical advancements etc are provided to the students. Internet connectivity provided for all students and staff. The lab is equipped with HCL/INTEL CORE i3-550 /3.2 GHZ/ 2GB RAM/500GB SATA HARDDISK, ACER /CORE 2 QUAD 2.5 GHZ/ 2GB RAM/ 320GB SATA ARDDISK, Laser Printer, Dot matrix Printer, ETAP Software and CYME Software .
Control & Instrumentation Laboratory:
Facilitates the study of control systems and its components along with all types of transducers. The lab is equipped with  Process Simulator Kit, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, AC & DC Position Control System, PID Controller Kit, LVDT Kit, Synchros, Bourdon Pressure Transducer Kit, Optical Transducer Kit, Strain Gauge Trainer Kit, Temperature Transducer Trainer Kit, Flow Rate Measurement Kit and AC & DC Bridges.
Research & Project laboratory:
Provides additional room for students taking up electronics as hobby and for mini and final year projects. Workbenches have adequate power supply facilities such as single phase supply, three phase supply; +5V, +12V/-12V DC power sources. Has the facilities to do the research activities. The lab is equipped with Power Clamp: Power and Harmonics Tester, Digital Tong Tester(AC & DC), PIC Microcontroller, Universal Programmer, Ardino Microcontroller Board, TI Analog Trainer Kits, ACER /CORE 2 QUAD 2.5 GHZ/  2GB  DDR2  RAM/ 320GB SATA HARD DISK, ETAP Software, CYME Software, LabVIEW , Power World Simulator and DSO.
Microprocessor &Microcontroller Laboratory/Engineering Practice Laboratory:

Provides experimental study of basic electrical wiring systems. Has the facility to study various interfacing cards. The lab is equipped with 8085 Microprocessor Trainer kit, 8051 Micro Controller Trainer Kit, 8255, 8251,8259, 8279, 8254 Interface board, Stepper motor interface & ADC and DAC unit, Traffic Light Control System, Megger and Energy Meter.


Department Library
Department Library has the collection of about 329 Technical books and 50 CDs.