Examination Cell

Professor & Dean (Examinations)

Examination or assessment of students plays a vital role in deciding the quality of education. The college understands that the academic autonomy is a challenging task to ensure integrity, quality and accuracy in the domain of examination and evaluation systems, while providing creative opportunities for the faculty in designing curriculum and developing evaluation methods on the parameters of programme outcomes, stipulated graduate attributes and employability.

An Executive Council is constituted for framing the guidelines and for issuance of directions or instructions to conduct the examinations efficiently and to monitor the integrity of the examination system. This council meets once in every semester. The examination system is categorized into pre-examination process, during-examination and post-examination process

Pre-examination process includes registration for examination, generation of hall tickets, constitution of Board of QP setters, making arrangements for setting question papers for each course, printing of answer booklets, preparation of time table for both theory / lab examination, sending appointment orders for examiners / invigilators, etc.

During-examination process includes printing QPs confidentially 45 minutes before the commencement of examination, hall allocation schedule and seating arrangement for each day based on students' strength, bundling and packing of answer scripts in the envelopes on the day of examination itself and to enforce disciplinary action against the candidates for violation of prescribed rules in the Examination halls, if any. It also insists on direct monitoring control over the examination wing for smooth conduct of examinations.

Post-examination process aims to exercise control over the centralized valuation. It includes assigning dummy numbers to answer scripts, appointment of examiners for valuation, mark entry in the portal, generation of Tabulated Mark register, conduct of Performance Analysis Committee meeting before declaring the results, necessary arrangements for revaluation / review of answer scripts through proper procedure and submission of final approved results to Anna University CoE within the stipulated time.

Examination Cell - Team

Associate Dean (Examinations)

Mr.S. Alwyn Rajiv