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Fine Arts


It is KALASHRISTI- the fine arts club of KCET, the Kingdom of Competent and Encyclopedic Technocrats. Here students engage in debates, quizzes, dance and drama, music, drawing and painting. The college team has given performances in TALENTIA, FISFEST, PATAKKA, YUVA etc., and bagged several prizes & awards. The following table gives the activities of the academic year 2010-11.

"Music and dance wash away the dust of our soul". The fine arts club functions as a separate unit (Kalashrusti) to tap out the hidden potentials of our students. They are encouraged to take part in various intercollegiate competitions conducted by reputed institution and prestigious club.

TECH – O – FEST is the main cultural event of the institute and is organized annually. This gala event has been conducted during the months of July and August. With great expectations to live up to this intra-collegiate cultural fest, students are vying for the prestigious rolling trophy.

Students with different hair-dos and painted faces could be seen around the campus. The corridor would be filled with rangolis and the mess hall would be transformed into a sculpture hall at the end of vegetable carving session. Students spent most of their free time practicing for the highlight events like group dance, variety show and one act play. There will be cut-throat competition in events such as solo singing music competition; where in the past legends have been created. Apart from these, there are also the ever popular literary events that test the language skills.

Glory, heroism, drama, melodrama, victory, defeat and Fun – whatever you want, it’s all there. So be here to be a part of the grandest celebration of human achievement.

With innovation as inspiration and technical knowledge as a tool, KCET aims at bringing a transformation to the very grassroots of this region with the hidden theme of Tech O Fest being “Striving for Excellence”. Graced with the presence of young mettle competing to dazzle, our effort would be to come up with a step to combine fun with the technology to produce some dazzling performances.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

Staff Incharge


S. Luna Eunice
Assistant Professor - Chemistry

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