Department of Mechanical Engineering

(Permanently Affiliated by Anna University, Chennai)

About Us

Our college with a vision to promote quality technical education to the rural folks, kicked off in the year 1998 with four branches. Knowing the importance of core branches, our dream to start Mechanical engineering branch comes true during the academic year 2005-2006. Our dream was substantiated by the opportunities prevailing in this region which is substituted with more industries small scale and large scale industries. Also with a boom in automobile industries there is more scope for employability and entrepreneurship.

S. No Program of Study Description
1. U.G in Mechanical Engineering Started with 30 seats on 9th June 2005
Started with 60 seats on 11th July 2009
Started with 120 seats on 19th March 2012
2. P.G in Manufacturing Engineering Started with 18 seats on 10th May 2012

Our department is well equipped with lab facilities for the students which provide them the opportunity to learn with technical examples. Our brilliant faculty team is guiding the students through both potent technical, practical and theoretical teaching methods.

Lab Facilities:

The various Laboratory facilities in the Department of Mechanical Engineering are

Engineering Practices Lab
Manufacturing Technology Lab
Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab
Thermal Engineering Lab
Computer Aided Drafting Lab
Strength of Materials Lab
Dynamics Lab
Metrology and Measurements Lab
Mechatronics Lab
Computer Aided Simulation and Analysis Lab
Metal Forming Lab

Dedicated faculty team comprises of Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors motivate the students by implementing mentor system, which tends to provide cent percentage result and placement for the students.

Faculty members with different specialization such as Manufacturing Technology, Thermal Engineering, CAD/CAM, Design Engineering, Safety Engineering and Industrial Engineering are available in our department.

Teaching Methods Adopted to Improve Student Learning
Separate Hour is allocated to teach the students content beyond syllabus for both theory & lab classes.
Interested students are given classroom seminars on technical topics.
Students are given the opportunity of organizing technical departmental events such as ENXENEIRO etc., also events organized under ISTE.
To eliminate fear on Interview Process, mock interviews are conducted.
Students are trained through various soft-skills programme.
ICT enabled teaching is given to all the students.

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