Department of Mechanical Engineering

(Permanently Affiliated by Anna University, Chennai)

Basic Workshop

To develop basic engineering skills of the students, the workshop is equipped with fitting tools, carpentry tools, plumbing tools, moulding and smithy practices.

Manufacturing Technology Lab

To have hands on experience of various manufacturing methods, the lab is equipped with Lathe, Shaping machine, Drilling machine, Milling machine, Surface grinding machine, gear hobbling machine, Cylindrical grinding machine, Bench grinding machine, Welding machine and supported with measuring instruments like Vernier caliper, Micrometer, Vernier height gauge, Gear tooth vernier, Sine bar and sine center with slip gauges set, Bevel protractor etc.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

To understand the theoretical concepts and to study the performance and to determine the co-efficient constants, the lab is equipped with centrifugal pump test rig, Reciprocating pump test rig, Gear pump test rig, pipe friction apparatus, Jet pump test rig, Rota meter, Pelt on wheel, Francis turbine, Kaplan turbine, Rectangle & V-notch test rig, Nozzle meter, Venturimeter Test rig, Pitot tube test rig, Hydraulic trainer kit.

Thermal Engineering Lab

The lab is equipped with 4 stroke Diesel engine test rig with Morse test facility. 4 stroke diesel engine test rig. 2 stroke Petrol engine test rig, 4 stroke diesel engine model, 2 stroke petrol engine model, 4 stroke petrol engine model, Stefan Boltzmann apparatus, Natural convection apparatus, thermal conductivity of insulation powder apparatus, Reciprocating air compressor test rig, Refrigeration test rig.


The lab is equipped with a CNC trainer lathe and a CNC Milling Machine. Also we have two Fanuc Controller based CNC trainer software. Our CAD Lab is equipped with Pro-E wildfire 3.0 (5 User) and Autodesk Mechanical Solution Set Software which includes Auto CAD 2008 (10 User), Inventor(10 User), Auto CAD Electrical (10 User), Solid Works 2008 (10 User) and Ansys 11.0 (30 User)

Strength of Materials Lab

This lab is provided with UTM, Hardness Tester, Izod / Charpy Impact Tester, Muffle furnace, Spring Testing Machine, Deflection Testing Apparatus.

Dynamics Lab

This lab is provided with Universal Governor Apparatus, CAM Analyser, Motorized Gyroscope, Vibration table, Turn table Apparatus, whirling of shaft, Balancing of rotating mass compound pendulum and various vibration setup (Torsional, cantilever and Transverse).

Metrology & Measurement Lab

Engineering students need to have hands on experience to relate their theoretical concepts with practical. For this, Metrology & Measurement Lab is provided with Profile projector, Vibration measuring setup, Displacement measuring setup, Toolmakers microscope, Auto Collimator & Floating Carriage micrometer.

Mechatronics Lab

This lab is provided with pneumatic trainer kit, Process Control trainer kit microcontroller kit and LABVIEW Software.

Steam Lab

We have steam lab with non-IBR Boiler, Turbine, separating, Throttling calorimeter.

Department Library

To provoke the knowledge of our budding engineers, our Department has been provided with books on advanced and basic subjects. Department Library has the collection of about 297 Technical books and 64 CD's.

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