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Research Centres - Department of Polymer Technology

About Us

Our research department started on 23th April 2010 and approved by Anna University of Technology, Thirunelveli.

Geographical Parameter

Our institute is situated in the south part of Tamil Nadu, where nearly 1500 polymer Industries are available in and around Madurai. Though many industries are medium and large scale industries, the existence of sophisticated polymer testing instruments is non-available. As per the survey taken, if any industry has to export its polymer goods, they should be certified. This need of polymer industries and the geographical parameter i.e. non-availability of a polymer testing centre in the southern part of Tamil nadu are the main motivations to set up a Centre for Research in Polymer Technology at our institute. By establishing such a centre, the nearby institutes and industries will get benefited without any delay in their work.




Industrial atmosphere can be created inside the institute itself which will definitely equip our polymer students to their professional career. Also, they can come in direct contact with the small, medium and large scale industries which will definitely nurture a passion for self employment.

This will open gates for creation of new knowledge-based innovative hi-tech ventures, and new breed of technopreneurs and more avenues of employment opportunities thus turning job seekers into job creators and in the process, leading the nation towards industrial excellence and self-reliance.

  • "The education system should highlight the importance of entrepreneurship and prepare the students right from school and college education to get oriented towards setting up of enterprises which will provide them creativity, freedom and ability to generate wealth."
    - Dr. APJ.Abdul Kalam, Former President of India
  • It promotes a deeper understanding of polymers, their processing and characterization to the Polymer Technocrats, as they are exposed to all the mentioned concepts practically which will be ever in their mind with perfect understanding.
  • It also provides hands-on training to the Polymer Technocrats
  • It also inculcates entrepreneurial spirit and culture among the Science and Engineering graduates and post graduates.
  • It helps to identify and motivate budding entrepreneurs.
  • It aims to create a database on industrial information to facilitate entrepreneurs by providing information on entrepreneurial opportunities


The relevance of the output from academic institutions to the industry as well as society is an issue of concern in a developing economy like India. This drawback can be rectified only through the faculty members who can mold the building blocks according to the current industrial requirements. The other benefits are:

  • Motivation, assistance and promotion of joint projects sponsored by Institutes.
  • Visits of academicians and practicing engineers to the Centre for Research for seeing research work and laboratories, discussions and delivering lectures on recent practices, trends and experiences.
  • Memoranda of Understanding between the Institute and University to bring the two sides\ emotionally and strategically closer.
  • Human resource development programmes by the faculty for practicing engineers.
  • Collaborative degree programmes.
  • B.Tech. and M.Tech. Projects/dissertation work among various institutions under joint guidance\ of the faculty.
  • Practicing engineers taking up part-time M.Tech./Ph.D. programme.
  • Short-term assignment to faculty members in various institutes.
  • Professorial Chairs sponsored by industries at the Institute.
  • R&D Laboratories sponsored by industries at the Institute.
  • To conduct research work and survey for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Coordination and promotion of Consultancy and Testing Services.
  • Organization of short term Industrial training and visits for students and faculty members and promote Industry Study Tour programme.
  • Exchange of personnel between various Institues by way of inviting them for delivering lectures on latest technological advancement ,development of curricula as per Industry need and for participation in other academic work in the Institute.
  • Organizing short term courses for personnel working in Industries as per their need.
  • Establishment of proper links other departments and concerned funding agencies and conducting regularly interaction programs, workshops, seminars, symposia etc. on mutually agreed subjects.


The aim of the Centre for Research is to help the small scale and medium scale industries through cost effective testing facilities by adding latest equipments. Today the main bottle neck prevailing among the small and medium scale polymer industries is lack of testing facilities. Hence if a common testing facility is available, all the nearby polymer industries will be benefited. In addition to this, more direct and indirect employment opportunities will be created for young generation people who are coming out of our college through training using the equipments established by Centre for Research.

Every person from a polymer industry is having the following questions in their mind:

  • What materials are my competitors using in their products?
  • Is my material supplier providing the same material as sampled?
  • Can you monitor the quality of material supplied to me by my supplier?
  • What material do I need to specify for my product?

The answer for all these questions can only be provided by a technical expertise, which may be available in large scale industries with R&D sector, while micro, small and medium scale industries had at present no solution for their questions. Here comes our polymer department role. Our goal is to provide the polymer industry with quality control systems that are optimised with regard to production and purpose, and to offer complete solutions with solid and up-to-date technology at reasonable prices. To achieve this, we constantly improve our testing expertise and technical knowledge, and widen our all-round understanding of functional requirements.

The proposed Centre for research in polymer technology is committed to provide quality products and service to its customers within the agreed delivery time. This will strive hard to continuously improve quality, delivery and responsiveness to assure customer satisfaction.