Rotaract Club

Rotaract is a service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30 who are dedicated to community and international service. Individual Rotary clubs sponsor Rotaract clubs and offer guidance and support, making the Rotaract clubs true “partners in service” and key members of the family of Rotary.


Students those who wish to be a member of Rotaract Club, can be a part of Rotaract Club of Kamaraj College of Engineering & Technology by paying fees of Rs.200/-. Once they registered they will be member in International Rotary by registering in "My Rotary". At present 178 active members are present in this club.

Board of Directors: (for the Rotary year 2018-2019)
President : Ms.D.Lenisha,
IV year/Bio Technology
Vice President : Mr.K.Vigneshwaran,
IV year/Civil Engineering
Secretary : Ms.D.Abishega,
II year/ECE
Treasurer : Mr.S.Shangar Ghanesh,
II year/EEE
Board of Directors: (for the Rotary year 2018-2019)
Date Name of the Activity Organised by Number of Volunteers
27-2-2019 Help Birds Rotaract club of KCET 36
8-2-2019 Mime show (Theme: Mobile phone awareness) Rotaract club of KCET 11
23-01-2019 Letter to our Soldiers Rotaract club of KCET 63
02-01-2019 Mobile phone awareness video preparation Rotaract club of KCET 40
20.12.2018 Vaigai River cleaning project Rotaract club of KCET
(Joined with Madurai corporation)
27-10-2018 Swasth Barath Yatra Rotaract club of KCET
(Joined with FSSAI, India)
10-10-2018 Carton box dustbins were installed in our campus (Plastic free campus) Rotaract club of KCET 05
11-10-2018 Students interaction with Amutha IAS Rotaract club of KCET 15
06-10-2018 Child Labour awareness Rotaract club of KCET 39
24-09-2018 Installation Meeting & Saplings plantation Rotaract club of KCET 52
15-09-2018 New members Orientation Meeting (for I year) Rotaract club of KCET 20
05-09-2018 Road safety awareness program Rotaract club of KCET
(Joined with NSS)
01-09-2018 Plastic free campus Rotaract club of KCET 16
23-08-2018 Humanitarian aids collection for Kerala flood relief Rotaract club of KCET All the members
18-08-2018 Humanity shelf awareness to students Rotaract club of KCET 24
14-08-2018 Visited Punchayat Union middle school visit, Mallankinaru. (Educational service) Rotaract club of KCET 12
04-08-2018 Tree adoption Program Rotaract club of KCET 46
27-07-2018 "Humanity shelf" was installed in our college Rotaract club of KCET
(Joined with JCI mellow)
23-07-2018 "Rotaract club - Student corner" was initiated Rotaract club of KCET 10
21-07-2018 New members orientation meeting Rotaract club of KCET 51
07-07-2018 New board of Directors selection & "My Vision – towards service" Rotaract club of KCET 38
22-03-2018 Human Trafficking-Awareness program Rotaract club of KCET and Rotary Club of Virudhunagar 100
19-03-2018 Greenathon Rotary Club of Virudhunagar Elite 10
RYLA for Ist year EIE, CSE A, Mech B & IT Rotary Club of Virudhunagar 219
RYLA for Ist year ECE A&B, BT and MTR Rotary Club of Virudhunagar 219
RYLA for Ist year Mech A, CSE B & PT Rotary Club of Virudhunagar 160
RYLA for Ist year Civil A&B and EEE A & B Rotary Club of Virudhunagar 203
26-10-2017 Cancer awareness & detection camp Rotary Club of Virudhunagar Elite 10
06-10-2017 Installation meeting, Blood donation camp & Tree plantation Rotary Club of Virudhunagar Elite 80
12-09-2017 Seed ball making Rotaract club of KCET 10
29-08-2017 "Day spring" orphanage home visit Rotaract club of KCET 12
23-08-2017 PETS & SETS for Rotaractors Rotary club Virudhunagar 02
18-8-2017 New members orientation program Rotaract club of KCET 60
01-08-2017 Campus cleaning Rotaract club of KCET 25
23-10-2016 V.Dhanasamy- Parimaladevi charitable Trust old age home Visit Rotaract Club of KCET Participants - 10
17-9-2016 District Rotaract Assembly Rotary Club of Virudhunagar Participants - 10
07-9-2016 Installation Meeting Rotary Club of Virudhunagar Elite Participants - 73
Volunteers - 6

Staff Incharge
Mr.K. Sakthiraj
Assistant Professor - Physics
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