Training Development & Placement Cell (TDP Cell)

Training Development and Placement Cell of Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology is helping the students to improve their skills and to uplift them. The main objective of the training, development and placement team is “To bring a Measurable outcome through Skill Building.”

Our Focus Areas include,
Skill Chart

We have well designed and structured programs for each and every year students to improve all the above mentioned skills.

For the I year students,
Foundation course on English is provided to make them cope up with today’s challenging scenario.
Skill Development Programs are conducted to improve the Personality of the students.
Pulp Fictions are included in the syllabus of the students to enhance their reading habits.
For the II and III year students,
Talent Test is conducted every week to improve their Proficiency in all these skills.
Dedicated Language Trainers train our students to Certify on BEC Vantage.
We also use Creative Methodologies like Word play, Extempore, Puzzles and to impart these Skills.
For the Final Year Students we provide,
Verbal reasoning Trainings
Trainings to improve their thinking skills, using in-house Aptitude trainers.
Conceptual Learning hours.
Group Discussions to improve the Speaking and Conversation skills.
We also have a Psychologist to deal with the attitude issues of the students.
Student Placement Coordinators (SPCs)
SPCs are the backbone of TDP cell.
In all the years of all the Departments, enthusiastic SPCs do their roles actively.
This practice enriches the Leadership Quality which thereby increases the responsibility quotient.
We have Strong Alumni Networks comprising of more than 5000 pass outs in the group.
Regular meetings and interactions of these Alumni with the Students are perfectly organized and followed.
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