Department of Computer Science and Engineering Faculty Profile

Academic year 2023-2024

S.No. Date Event details Name of the Resource Person Photo
1 13.07.2023 AI Tools Awareness Program Mrs.S.Nithya AP/CSE
Mrs.S.Priyaa AP/CSE
Mrs.R.Haripriya AP/CSE
Mrs.E.Vijayalakshmi CSE
Mr.G.Praveen Kumar AP/CSE
Dr.U.Kumaran ASP/CSE
Mrs.Mahalakshmi AP/IT
2 09.08.2023 IBM Skills Build – Cyber Security Awareness Mr. Nirmal Kumar Cloud Site Reliability Engineer, IBM, Dublin, Ireland Constra
3 11.08.2023 to 14.08.2023 Three days Hands on workshop on “spring into action-Mastering Hibernate and Structs Mr.A.S.Sasikumar, Phoenix Softech,Madurai. Constra
4 13.09.2023 to 15.09.2023 Three Days Hands on Workshop on “Redhat Linux Administration” Mr.S.Suresh Kannan, Director, School of Linux, Madurai. Constra
5 29.09.23 to 30.09.23 Two Days Workshop on “Agile Project Development with Scrum” Mr.Durgesh , CTS , Chennai. Constra
6 01.02.24 Inauguration of Microsoft Student’s Club-2024 Er.Shiek Syed, Product Engineer, Zoho Corporation Constra
7 07.03.24 One Day National Level Technical Symposium Mr.Siranjeevi Ramdoss,CEO,Pi-Bi Technologies,Madurai
Ms.M.Gowsalya, Technology Analyst, Infosys,Mysore
8 13.04.24 One Day Seminar on “Cracking Complexity: Demystifying NP-Hard and NP-Complete Problems Mrs.R.Saraswathi Meena, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, Thiagarajar College of Engineering ,Madurai Constra

Academic year 2022-2023

S.No. Date Event details Name of the Resource Person Photo
1 09.02.2023 One day National level Technical Symposium Mr.K.R.D.Venkatesh, Technical Staff, ZOHO Corporation. & Ms.S.Subanitha, Business Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services. Constra
2 11.03.2023 Alumni Talk on Recent Trends in IT Industries Mr.Anand Muthu, Head of Engineering, Valtanix. Constra
3 21.03.2023 Real-World Applications of Distributed Systems Mrs.R.Saraswathi Meena, Assistant Professor,
Dept of Datascience, Thiyagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.
4 20.07.2022 Career Counseling All CSE & ADS Faculties Constra
5 19.07.2022 Software Engineering and its Applications Dr.A.Mohan, Assistant Professor - Department of Computer Science and Engineering NIT, Tirchy. Constra
6 01.08.2022 Achieving Success in Career – Grooming Ourselves for Industrial Expectations Mrs.Vijayapriya Prakash, Senior Director, Cognizant Technology Solutions,Chennai. Constra
7 16.09.2022 Guest Lecture on Cloud Computing with AWS Mr.G.Thirupathi Rajan M.Sc.,
CEO and Chief Architect,
MahaData Solutions Inc., Raleigh,North Carolina, USA.
8 28.09.2022 One day Workshop on Engineering Clinic System Administrator & CSE Technicians Constra

Academic year 2021-2022

1 24.05.2022 Guest Lecture on Recent Trends in Applications of Algorithms Mrs.R.Saraswathi Meena,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Data Science, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.