Patent Granded

Research Promotion Policy

Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology has a well-defined policy for promoting research. Our institute has established a research forum in which faculty members from each department act as members and it is led by Dean Research. The faculty members are encouraged to undertake sponsored research and consultancy projects. The following are the main highlights of research promotion of our institute.

  • Cash incentive for publishing in refereed National/International SCI Journals
  • Three increments for the faculty members those who have Patent
  • An incentive of 3% of the fund released in that financial year to the Principal Investigator and 1.5% for all the other Co investigators from the institute overhead charges received from the funding agency will be given
  • One full day per month is allowed for discussion with the Ph. D Supervisor.
  • Paid leave for the preparation of synopsis, submission of the thesis, and Viva is allowed to a maximum period of 30 days
  • Two half days per week is permitted during the course work period or One full day per week is permitted if staff guide’s work place is more than 60 k.m. from our institution during the course work period