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Secretary's Message


Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology has carved a niche for itself in the realm of technical education.Ever since its inception in 1998, Our college has been striding majestically in the technical arena by helping the future engineers to achieve great heights in their career ladder. To meet the demands of the computer savvy millennial generation, the teaching-learning process at KAMARAJ is more digitally oriented and activity based. Innovative pedagogical methods are followed to drive home the facts and intellection of a particular course. This indirectly helps the students to learn the concepts more clearly and vividly. Once the students are strong in their fundamentals, their caliber to realize their innate potential knows no boundaries. Thus an apt academic ambiance to enhance both the technical and employability quotient of the future engineers is very much available in our campus. Besides giving importance to the academic achievement of students, we do pay attention to help them shine in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. At this juncture, I would like to highlight the hard work rendered by the faculty to chisel the students into multi-faceted personalities. This really goes a long way in enhancing the students' requisite employability skills and showcasing brighter avenues for their on-campus placement opportunities. And this is made possible by the tireless contribution of the faculty in their areas of research and their constant updation in their chosen realms. Such a scenario in our campus unflinchingly kindles a spark in the midst of the students who step into our institution and helps them to come off with flying colours once they leave the campus. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world are the words of Nelson Mandela. We equip the future pillars of our nation with the requisite employability and life skills by providing "Total Quality Education" and involve them seamlessly in the nation building process. And this definitely gives us an edge over others to reach the far-sighted vision of the munificent forefathers of our town and Karma-Veerar Shri.K.Kamaraj, the towering educational Supremo after whom our institution is named.

Regards by-
CA.V.K.Dharmarajan, B.B.A., F.C.A.,