Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

(Permanently Affiliated by Anna University, Chennai)


The Electronics era has transcended macro into micro and accelerated growth in the field of communication Engineering. To supplement the theoritical concepts with practical knowledge of the students, we have the following laboratories in our Campus.

Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab

This lab is well equipped with latest equipment like all types of power supplies, Scientific CRO (30 MHz) (both single & dual Beam), audio & high frequency oscillators, frequency counters, analog & digital multimeters and Digital storage oscilloscope. Latest simulation software Tinapro,ORCAD PSPICE 16.2 pspice software is also available.

Linear and Digital IC Lab

This lab is provided with linear and digital IC trainer kits, digital IC tester, Function generator, Multi-output power supplies CRO and a plenty of basic and advanced IC’s.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

For improving the signal processing skills of our communication department students, the lab is equipped with TMS320C25, TMS320C33, TMS320C50, TMS320C5416, TMS 320C6713, ADSP2105, ADSP2181 processor kits and Matlab software.

Digital Image Processing Lab

To process all kinds of images and noise removal for quality improvement,latest hardware and software are available in this lab.

Analog and Digital Communication Lab

It is highly equipped with all types of analog, digital modulation kit, multiplexing kits, Transmitter and Receiver kit.

Optical Communication Lab

Optical Lab explores areas such as optical communication lab, Laser Optical Lab, Holography Lab.

Microwave Communication Lab

The state-of-art fully air conditioned microwave lab consists of 5 work benches in J-band and X-band, Klystron and Gunn Oscillators for generating microwave frequencies in 4 -12.4 GHz range.

RF Antenna Lab

The newly established RF Lab is fully equipped with leading brand equipments. The lab consists of RF sources, spectrum Analyzer 100 MHz CRO, 100 MHz DSO, Sets of Complete Antenna equipment. These facilities support designing, verification and implementation stages, thereby providing an ideal platform to foster developmental activities of the students.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab

This laboratory is well equipped with Intel 8085, Intel 8086, Zilog Z80, Processors, Intel 8031, Motorola 6811 and PIC Micro controllers. All modern equipment like EPROM programmer, EPROM eraser, traffic light controllers, A/D, D/A Convertors, stepper motors and universal PIC Microcontroller with Ride / Keil software are integrated together to promote our students as intellectuals in the field of system designing. PC based MASM assembler for 8086 processor is available to perform the programs in PC itself.


The newly established VLSI Lab is equipped with VLSI Design Trainer kit. Design tools like Xilinx and Model sim are also available. So students can learn Verilog & VHDL languages.

Further, we have facilities to encourage the students to take active part in technical seminars, symposia and conferences. They have also been encouraged to take part in the cultural activities and fine arts competitions conducted in other colleges. Students are motivated to play an active role both in curricular & extracurricular activities.

Department library

More than 500 books are available in the department library for the knowledge upgradation of the students.

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