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Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering


Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is industry oriented. The modern trend is to control and maintain all the industrial parameters thro’ Electronic devices and Computer systems.

Industrial Instrumentation Lab

The Instrumentation Lab is provided with measuring devices like thermistor, Thermocouple and RTDs for temperature, Dead weight tester, Vaccum Pressure Gauge for Pressure, Rotameter, Orifice meter, Venturi meter and Electromagnetic flow meter for flow measurement, spectrophotometer for analysing the concentration of liquids, paramagnetic analyser, ECG recorder, B.P. apparatus, transducers to measure various parameters like strain, PH, wind speed, viscosity, vibration etc.

Process Control Lab

The Process control lab has different types of controller gadgets like ON/OFF controller, Proportional, Proportional + Integral, Proportional + Derivative, PID, P to I & I to P converters, D.C. position Servo Control System, Temperature, Level, Flow and Pressure Process stations, Bottle filling system using PLC, SCADA software with DCS, MATLAB Package.

Two tank system with provision for making them as interacting & noninteracting, Level transmitters, flow transmitter, Cascade control system, Control valve with positioner and control valve without positioner.

Transducer Lab

Important transducers such as Displacement, Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level transducers are avilable in this Laboratory.

Students are also motivated to take additional course of studies in the field of Computer Software also. This will facilitate them to compete with their counterparts in the software industries.

Electronics Devices Lab

This lab is well equipped with latest Equipments like power supplier (single K dual), Scientific CRO, audio and high frequency oscillators, digital multimeters. The electronic circuit simulation software MULTISIM is available for circuit designing.

Computer Control Process Lab

The CCP lab has PLC unit, Bottle filling system using PLC, Data acquistion card, Liquid level control system, Thermal system, DCS, MATLAB package, SCADA software with DCS, TUTSIM, CIMPLICITY, VERSAPRO etc.

Memorandum of Understanding

Our department has signed MOU with the following industry which enhances the teaching-learning process.
National Instruments, Bangalore.
Along with these companies we are involved with the following activities,
* Placement
* Student Project
* Research Project
* Consultancy Project

Virtual Instrumentation Lab

Lab is equipped with licensed LABVIEW Software for 50 users and hardwares for interfacing with real time environment.

Department library

More than 250 books (Technical and General) are available in the department library for the knowledge up gradation of the students. Especially It includes recent GATE book for the instrumentation and Books for various field of applications like Measurement, Process control, Industrial instrumentation, Micro processor and Micro controller, PLC, Bio medical Instrumentation, Digital and Embedded system etc.


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        • Journal of Instrumentation Technology and Innovations
        • Indian Journal of Control Science & Engineering
        • Indian Journal of Electronics Systems & Control
        • Indian Journal of Sensors
        • Journal of Instrument society of India.


        • International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Control
        • International Journal of Control Theory and Applications
        • International Journal of Instrumentation Science and Engg
        • International Journal of Biomedical Signal processing
        • International Journal of Energy systems Computers and Control
        • International Journal of Wireless Sensor Networks & Applications.
        • INL Journal of Electronics & Telecommunication , Instrumentation Engg & Tech
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