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Scholars awarded Ph.D in the centre for Research
Name of the Supervisor Name of the Research Scholar Registration Number Research Area / Topic Registered University Registered Year Mode of Registration Month & Year Degree Awarded
Dr. Balachandrakumar &
Mr.K. Sakthiraj 1314789153 Preparation and study of room temperature ferromagnetism in Tin oxide nano crystal Anna University, Chennai. Jan. 2013 Part Time Mar' 2018
Dr.M. Hema Ms.P. Tamilselvi 1324789134 Hybrid Polymers electrodes for Lithium ion batteries Anna University, Chennai. Jan. 2013 Full Time Feb' 2017
Dr.A. Yelilarasi Ms.A. Jancirani 1324789132 Studies on Aza-Michael Polymerization Anna University, Chennai. Jan. 2013 Part Time Nov' 2017
Dr.A. Yelilarasi Mr.K.M. Manikandan 1414789733 Fabrication of high efficient dye sensitized solar cell using polymer electrolytes Anna University, Chennai. June. 2014 Part Time Oct’2020

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