S.No. Date Event details Name of the Resource Person Photo
1 04.08.2022 Demo/Poster Presentation Contest Mr.S.Avinash Founder & CEO, Incrix Techlutions LLP, Chennai 9786799765 Constra
2 12.08.2022 Landing Your Dream Job- Tips and Tricks to Nail your Interview Mr.M.Subbu Swaroop, Senior Software Freshworks,Chennai Mr. R.Manoj Kumar, Production Service Specialist, Bank of America, Chennai Constra
3 27.08.2022 One day Workshop on Getting Familiarize with GIT and GITHUB Mr.D.Samuel Rajan, DevOps Engineer, HandBuildApps, Sivakasi, 8754024957 Constra
4 29.08.2022 Become a Designer Mr.K.Boominathan, Technician/CSE Constra
5 15.10.2022 Data Warehousing and Data Mining Dr.E.Sivasankar, AP-CSE National Institute of Technology, Trichy Constra
6 03.11.2022 Hands on Workshop – Weka Tool Dr.J.Jesu Vedha Nayani, AP-CSE, Anna University, Reginal Campus Tirunelveli Constra
7 05.11.2022 Cloud Computing and Getting Started with AWS Mr.M.Maheswarakumar, Senior Consultant, HCL Technologies, Madurai 9710609483 Constra


S.No. Date Event details Name of the Resource Person Photo
1 01.09.2021 to 04.09.2021 Workshop on AWS CLOUD Mr. S.K.Karthikkumar, Technical Consultant, Autosec Systems. Constra
2 20.11.2021 CIPHERFEST Technical contest Dr. R.Muthuselvi, Prof/CSE Ms. S.Shopika, AP/CSE Constra
3 28.12.2021 Alumni Interaction Mr. S.Sivaguru, Devops Engineers, Standard Charted Bank, Chennai Constra
4 13.01.2022 Alumni Interaction on Latest Trends in Big Data Ms. I. Bala Bharathi Junior Data Engineer, TCS Constra
5 25.01.2022 Alumni Interaction on Projects and Placement Preparations Mr.J.P.Divakar - Vuram, Mr. R.Rahul – Centizen Inc & Mr. S. Mohamed Yasin - TCS Constra
6 11.02.2022 FIIP on Machine Learning with Jetson Nano Mr. A.Kesavan, Quantanics Techserv Pvt. Ltd Constra
7 03.03.2022 Poster Presentation -Coding Techniques Mrs.K.Leelarani Ms. Shopika Constra
8 17.03.2022 Industry 4.0 Mr. A.Vigneshwaran, Co-Founder and Director, Smartories Technologies Pvt. Ltd Constra
9 17.05.2022 Workshop on Blockchain – BLOCK-SMITH Dr.R.Muthuselvi Dr.G.Nirmala Constra
10 27.05.2022 KCET Build a Thon Dr.A.Anandh,Mrs.K.Muthulakshmi Constra


S.No. Date Event details Name of the Resource Person Photo
1 09.03.2021 Workshop on IoT Projects Mr. Kesavan, Mr. Sathish Kumar Quantanics Tech Serv Pvt. Ltd., Constra


S.No. Date Event details Name of the Resource Person Photo
1 25.06.2019 Alumni Interaction Mr. Ajithkumar, Tech Mahindra Constra
2 13.09.2019 & 14.09.2019 Web Application Development using PHP & MySQL Mr. N.S. AJITHKUMAR (16UCSE070) & Mr.K.SAANMUGAKUMAAR (16UCSE010) Final Year B Constra
3 13.09.2019 & 14.09.2019 Basic Networking Configuration& Demonstration Mr. S. Balasubramanian, System Administrator Mr. B.Balaji, Technician. Constra